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35 years experience

For more than 35 years, G.R.Instruments B.V. has been guaranteeing high quality products and tailor-made expert advice.

Maintenance and 24/7 service

Preventive maintenance and 24/7 service is critical, our team highly skilled people are available to provide the best service

At home in various industries

We are active in a wide range of sectors, including hospitals, laboratories, pharmacuitical, insect rearing, seed breeding.

35 years of experience

Based on our many years of experience and thorough professional knowledge, G.R.Instruments B.V. offers tailor-made expert advice. Our company exclusively represents products of the highest quality and reliability, due to our employees who are committed, professional and service-oriented. strong “technical know-how”, the necessary skills as well as thorough knowledge in the medical and laboratory sector, we can safely say G.R.Instruments B.V. speak from experience. Whether it will be cooling, heating, drying, long-term , low-temperature or technical problems, you can leave it to us with peace of mind. Moreover, we understand the importance of having your precious products available and keep your equipment in top condition at all times. To minimize downtime and product loss we do offer a variety of service contracts such as our 24 hour service in case of malfunction or failure.



Maintenance and 24/7 service

A quick response and customer-oriented solution, both a must in our field. From preventive maintenance to unexpected interference; Our service team is on hand, 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Our service can perform minor repairs in most cases on location. However, when needed we can offer back-up equipment for the time your equipment is in repair. The transport is also self-managed, which results in quick and lower costs solution.

At home in various industries

G.R.Instruments B.V. is active in a wide range of sectors, including hospitals, laboratories, pharmacuitical, insect rearing, seed breeding, hotels, industrie and goverment.


G.R.Instruments B.V. offers a wide range of climatic solutions for Bloodbanks, Biobanks, Hospitals, Pharmacies and Pharmaceutical customers woldwide where high performance and precision is required. By suppling many different brands of Laboratory Refrigerators, freezers, Ultra-low freezrs and cryogenic equipment for a variety of laboratory, chromatography, bloodbank and biobank aplications, this to create stable conditions for short and long-term preservation of biologicals and other critical materials wich need to be stored at temperature ranges between +15 to 196°C we offer all cabinets in upright and chest design and liter cappacities from 7 liter up to more then 1000 liters.
All models built to meet or exceed CE, Tuv, Rohs, GMP, ( UL and CUL ) and European F-gas regulations. 

Controlled environments

Offering a full range of Environmental and stability chambers provide an ideal test environment, not only for ICH Q1A drug testing, but also for a wide range of shelf life testing applications. Combining precise repeatable performance with a full range of sizes, these products are ideal for the most demanding pharmaceutical, biotech, and industrial use for material testing, plant groth, and forensics designed to provide the highst precision and flexabilty to meet current and future needs.

Freeze dryers

Providing a complete range of GLP designed freeze-drying equipment with full GMP pre production capability’s. The Lyo series are especially designed for all freeze-drying processes, if you have a small laboratory but need full GMP freeze-drying capability’s or an solution for freeze-drying small samples we can provide the best solution for your needs.


Micro to Multifunctional, With operator safety as its primary design objective, NÜVE has developed a range of robust and reliable centrifuges providing excellent performance and offering wide-ranging versatility. Each instrument in the range has a selection of accessories that enable it to respond to multiple applications and thus reduce the budget necessary to achieve the objectives of the laboratory.

Steam Sterilization

The NC family covers all needs from compact bench top units to large, semi-industrial machines.
Different users operate in different ways. All instruments are designed to the highest levels of safety and we have third party certification to international pressure vessel standards.
B and VS bench top models are three of the latest models developed from the most popular workhorses. Offering compliance with B and S type sterilization as cited in EN 13060, plus fractionated vacuum for bubble elimination, check this range for amazing performance and design characteristics.

Heating & Dry Heat Sterilization

We offer a wide range of heating and dry sterilization instruments. The choice is broad in capacities as well as in models. We are sure that you will find an instrument that really matches your requirements .

Water Baths

With a choice of unstirred, stirred, refrigerated and shaking water baths, we responds to the expectations of many laboratories. With an excellent quality/price ratio, these items are installed as the standard water bath in many laboratories. Offering many years of dependable operation, the water baths have surprised many scientists by their design and convenience.

Cryogenic vessels

A wide range of transportable cryogenic dewars with different working pressures, liquid and gas withdrawal, vertical or horizontal positioning, palletized handling solutions, units.
Desinged for all sections involving low tempreature transport and storage. The cryogenic tanks types are constantly increasing to meet the market growing demands.

Cold rooms

Standard or Custom made refrigeration and freezing rooms with the latest in refrigeration techniques and low power consumptions.

Anaerobe Gas-Exchange System

Grinstruments offers a realiable and cost reducing Anaerobic Gas exchange System, that has been designed in close collaboration with the one of the Dutch Univeristies and end users. This Anaerobic Gassing System fulfills the need of a reproductible gas composition especially cultivating of Anaerobic bacteria in an atmosphere of less then 5ppm.

Monitoring systems

G.R.Instruments B.V. offers a full monitoring system that keeps a CFR part11 tracablity of room temperature, relative humidity, CO2, differential pressure, level, door switches, to secure high valua products within short and long-term storage of biologicals and other critical materials wich need to be stored at the right temperature’s presure and humidity etc. The monitoring we offer is a low cost of ownership system due to easy connectivity to your existing network, remote access, and scalability up to honderds of monitored locations. Multi-site wireless connectivity on a stand alone of full enetrprice software.

Microbiological Safety Cabinets

We offers a wide range of Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinets to suit all required configurations and budgets.

Designed in accordance to the Class II European standard EN12469, most of the Biological Safety cabinets are certified by TÜV NORD, and are available in sizes raging from 90 cm to 180 cm width.

Cabinets manufactured in accordance to the DIN12980 Standard that are dedicated to the handling of cytotoxic preparations are also available.

Unique features, like the full prefilter and the front window back-up battery, put Telstar Class II cabinets among the most advanced units available in the market.

Microbiological Safety Cabinets represent an ideal choice for any laboratory looking for superior quality, reliability and ergonomic smart features.

Vertical and horizontal clean benches 

Vertical and horizontal clean benches ensure optimum product protection with HEPA filtration.

Heavy duty construction and reliability make them convenient in the long term for all sectors of application and environments. EC blowers and LED lighting offers the lowest energy consumption available

Available as standard as 3, 4, 5 and 6 ft. Special sizes and customization are also offered to suit particular applications

Occasions and Rentals

We offer a wide variety of good quality used equipment for interesting prices.
Our rental department has a wide variety of products for short term or long term rental.
Ultra Low freezers, medical freezers and refrigerators, freeze dryers and more. Contact us for the availability.