About us


G.R.Instruments B.V., founded in The Netherlands since 1984,and is a independent world-wide acting company suppling a wide range of Scientific laboartory equipments, for . The G.R.Instruments B.V. product range contains some thousand products by which the complete market needs are covered. The international brands that “G.R.Instruments B.V.” supply have a excellent reputation world-wide. In the meantime semi-professional products have additionally been integrated into our scope of delivery

What we do

G.R.Instruments B.V. offers direct sales and service through partnerships in the different European countries, our daily office operates from our warehouse facility that is based in the Utrecht province in the centre of The Netherlands,  this includes offices for sales, service, administrations, technical workshops and training facility.

For a large variaty of Laboratory equipment wich is needed for sample preparation, scientific analysis, safe and long term storage under different temperatures, providing solutions to the global scientific and industrial markets.

G.R.Instruments B.V. has an excellent reputation for paying the highest attention to quality, reliability, service and support.

What we do more!

G.R.Instruments B.V. also provides custom made solutions for unique or special applications for more information please send us your request by email sales@grinstruments.com