Caron’s CO2 incubators are available in a wide range of sizes, all of which share something in common: they’re uniquely different and better than competing products. From the revolutionary array of space efficiency and culture quality improvements in the Wally stackable, to the easy-install design and easy-clean interior of the reach-in line, specializing in offering valuable benefits that you can’t find anywhere else.

Growth Chambers

Chambers espesialy disigned for growing Insects / animals / Plants and seeds, we offer a full range of plant growth chamber options, from high-intensity three-door 4-color LED chambers to single-door multi-shelf fluorescent plant tissue culture units. With the latest lighting technology, LED units offer low heat and the flexibility to treat light as a true experimental variable. Fluorescent units are economical to acquire, and incorporate tried and true lighting components. All chambers provide repeatable performance, are extremely easy to install and use, and feature resource-responsible systems that reduce long-term cost of ownership. Choose from a wide range of chamber sizes, growth heights, and light intensities, tailored to meet your capacity needs and growth requirements.

Test Chambers

Environmental/stability chambers provide an ideal test environment, not only for ICH Q1A drug testing, but also for a wide range of shelf life testing applications. Combining precise repeatable performance with a full range of sizes, these products are ideal for the most demanding pharmaceutical, biotech, and industrial use. Caron also stresses resource responsible power and water usage, saving money and permitting easy installation and use.

Bath and Circulators

With a wide-range bath/circulator has a reputation as a dependable cooling solution, within a minimal footprint. With a wide -15 to +90C temperature range, and 6.5 LPM max pumping power, the 2050 meets the needs of a wide range of instrument cooling applications. Now with non-HFC refrigerant, the 2050 is designed for cost-effective maintenance. At just over 1 square foot in size, it also fits neatly into both integrated solutions and space-constrained workspaces.