Ultra Low Temperature freezers

Ultra Low Temperature freezers are designed to storage high value material. Therefore it is critical that the samples are stored in a safe environment.
We offer a range of solutions, with temperatures ranging from -50˚C to -90˚C and single stage compressor system with low energy consumption, dual in depended compressor systems for maximum protection. And available with natural refrigerants. 7 to 100 liter Bench top and undercounter models for locations with space limitations, Chest and upright models from 70 to more then 1000 liter of sample storage space. Customizable with a preventive maintenance plan

Laboratory Refrigerators

Pharmacies, hospitals and medical laboratory`s are especially demanding in terms of temperature stability. we offer Refrigurators with specific features that guarantee the safety in the preservation of medicines and vaccines 24 hours a day 365 days a year. which is essential for our customers. Avalible according DIN 58345 for high stabilty storage.

Blood Bank Refrigerators / Platelet shaker

Safe storage for high value products such as blood or concentrated red blood cells is essential. GR Instruments provides a complete range refrigerators with capacities ranging from 170 liter up to 1400 liter with insulated glass or solid door, and full stainless steel interior. And available according the DIN 58371 requirements for temperature stability and uniformity.

Especially designed for gentle Agitating blood plasma, perforated shelfs provide uniform air circulation for optimum temperature uniformity at 22˚C.

Laboratory and Plasma Freezers

The current freezing equipment must guarantee its users first of all safety and thermal stability. For this reason the devices have multiple functions to preserve all types of sensitive products. Among them samples, different reagents, cells, blood products or different biological products.

Freezers specific for different types of laboratories is designed to maintain a homogeneous temperature.

Inventory system

An organized freezer or refrigerator is essential for efficient work in any environment. We provide a solution to any storage needs required. Keep track of your biological samples while optimizing internal freezer capacity.