BM 30 Stirred Water Baths

Very accurate temperature control, N-Prime™ programmable microprocessor system and efficient insulation ensure that BM 30 stirred water bath offers excellent performance.
The large, bright displays and functional LEDs are visible at a distance and the control panel is set at an angle for convenient data input plus out of the way of spillages.
A range of accessories includes transparent and steel lids, tube and flask racks for maximum storage.

NB 5/9/20 Unstirred Water Baths

Apparently simple, NB series of unstirred water baths is nevertheless controlled by N-Prime™ microprocessor system giving excellent temperature precision, assisted by the triple insulation, for this class of instrument. A timer enables set protocols to be observed.
Most of the footprint of the water bath is usable to accept samples, since there is no pump, circulator or heater inside the chamber. A convenient drain permits fast discharge of the water. Their large displays are easily visible from across the laboratory.
Designed for many general and special applications in microbiology, research and industrial laboratories.

BS 30 Stirred Refrigerated Water Bath

With itsPID microprocessor system and pump, temperature precision is optimized, as well as assisting in fast temperature changes.
BS 30 Refrigerated Water Bath is powered by N-Smart™ control system. By means of the internal memory of N-Smart™, temperatures records with one hour intervals can be stored up to ten years as digitally and graphically. Optional NuveCom™ communication unit allows to BS 30 to use the advantages of optional AlerText™ GSM alarm module. Sending e-mail up to five e-mail addresses in case of any failure is offered as standard with NuveCom™. USB port on NuveCom™ allows to store the datas on memory stick with different time intervals.
Full traceability and remote access is available with optional NüveCloser™ system providing a guarantee that the samples have been subjected to the selected protocol.
An optional external circulation pump converts these water baths into thermostating systems, heating or cooling, for other equipment.
A variety of accessories optimize the capacity of different volumes of sample container such as Erlenmeyer flasks.

ST 30 Shaking Water Bath

For repetitive and reproducible shaking, ST 30 offers precisely controlled conditions. N-Prime™ microprocessor control permits homogeneous, stable temperatures throughout the bath.
lt is designed for shaking a variety of tubes and containers. High visibility displays and indicators ensure that the conditions can be read from across the laboratory.
Typical uses include tissue culture, bacterial incubation, enzyme reactions and fermentation.